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Adopting Together

What is Adopting Together?

Adopting Together is an exciting initiative created under the joint partnership of the Voluntary Adoption Agencies in Wales (St David’s Children Society, Barnardo’s, Adoption UK, After Adoption and AFA Cymru) to find families for ‘priority’ children who have been identified by the Regional Collaboratives as waiting the longest for a family.


The current challenge

  • The number of children waiting for an adoptive placement is rising.
  • The (‘priority’) children waiting the longest are often those with complex needs, including but not exclusively those who are over 4, part of a sibling group, have specialist health needs or medical uncertainty and BME children.

Adopting Together Objectives

Seeking to support the challenge faced across the adoption sector, the Adopting Together scheme has been built on two interlocking aspects:

1)    To develop effective recruitment of adopter(s) that meets the needs of children.

2)    To enhance packages of adoption support that meets the needs of children and adoptive families.

Adopting Together Aims

By working in collaboration with each other and across the sector the VVA partnership for Adopting Together aims to:

1)    Reduce the delays for children waiting to be placed

2)    Improve outcomes for adopted children

3)    Rebalance fostering capacity

4)    Help Local Authorities to address their ‘Sufficiency duty’

5)    Reduce impact and costs, both financial and societal, for children remaining Looked After.

How will Adopting Together achieve this?

Adopting Together has two routes to family finding which will be completed in joint consultation with each regional partner.

Referral Pathway 1: Identification of matches via families presently being assessed or already approved by St David’s Children Society or Barnardo’s.

Referral Pathway 2: If there are no potential available families, a recruitment strategy for individual children will be prepared in consultation with the responsible family finder in each region, child care social worker and manager.

The process of exploring the right transition plan and making recommendations about the anticipated adoption support needs of the child once living with a family will be led by a clinician via the Team for Child meeting

Team for the Child meeting: A Team for the Child meeting will be held with those who can contribute to the living with the child profile. This would include, but not exclusive to, the child’s social worker and manager, foster carer and supervisor, prospective adoptive parent, named adoption worker for the family, regional adoption worker, teacher, nursery nurse, health visitor. Medical information will be shared at that meeting. The aim of the meeting is two-fold. To prepare a transition plan for the child in respect of a move from foster care into their adoptive family and to collectively agree on the Adoption support requirements at commencement of and post placement. The meetings will inform the Adoption Support plan.


Cardiff University: Adopting Together is supported by Cardiff University School of Psychology and Business School. Cardiff University is seeking to determine, through consultation with key stakeholders, the measurements which will be applied to the project to determine its success. 

Advice Line

We offer advice to members of the public and professionals. 

    02920 761155 or 01745 336336

AFA Cymru, c/o Children in Wales, 25 Windsor Place, CARDIFF CF10 3BZ

AFA Cymru, W2 Morfa Clwyd Business Centre, 84 Marsh Road, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 2AF

Who we are

In September 2015, The Association of Fostering and Adoption (AFA) Cymru was formed. Whilst its day to day operational services of training, consultancy, professional advice and information are delivered independently of St. David’s, it is by law governed by St. David’s Children Society under the terms of its charitable status.

St. David's Children Society is a registered charity (Registration No: 509163). A Company limited by Guarantee (Registered Cardiff 1546688).

Registered Office: St. David’s Children Society, 28 Park Place, Cardiff CF10 3BA.

The Association for Fostering and Adoption Cymru (AFA Cymru) is a Welsh charity that promotes good practice across the breadth of permanency planning for children and young people.   It also offers advice, training and consultancy to professionals and members of the public to support best practice.  

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